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How to set a good resolution? January 2, 2012

Posted by gurkhason in life.

Just wondering if you have already made your new year resolution.  If you have not, it is never too late… there is still a chinese new year for you to do so. 🙂

I have mentioned in my previous post on my 2012 resolution that many people make resolutions but never really keeping to them.  Why is that so, you may asked.  To make a resolution, it is best to adhere to some of the following guidelines:

  1. Quantify it: Do not make general statments like saying I want to lose weight, or I want to read more books.  Instead quantify it by saying I want to lose 12kg or I want to read 20 books.  Only when you quantify it, the goal become more specific and you can breakdown the time to achieve it.  Example if you want to lose 12kg, that will be 1kg per month.  By making measurable goals, then you will be able to set milestones to achieve it.
  2. Review it:  Instead of waiting for the year to end to see if the goals are fulfilled, measure it in 3 months or mid-year.  In the event that it deviates away from the goal, it is not too late to catch-up and adjust accordingly.  This performance measurement period also serve as a reminder of the goals set earlier in the year.
  3. Be realistic: Make a resolution that is realistic and not too far fetched.  Set a realistic goal, instead of being too dreamy.  For instance, do not make a goal to be a super hero and want to save the world, or achieve an A grade for the Mathematics paper when you are currently getting a F grade.  A goal that can be achieved can be kept-up with rather than one that is not achieveable.  Having said so, it also should not deter one from making stretched goals if you have a way to achieve it.
  4. Verbalise it:  If you keep your goals to yourself, chances are only you will know it and not others.  Sometimes by telling others your goals make you more concious of wanting to achieve it.  Similarly, shall you deviate from your goal, others may remind you about the goal you set.  That way, you are not alone working on your goals, others are also helping you along the way.
  5. Be serious: Once the goal is set, you must make concrete steps to achieve it. There is no point in making a resolution that you do not plan to meet. There is also no point in making a resolution and not taking measurable steps to achieve it. Therefore be serious about the goal and go do it.

Happy resolution making, and wishing the best of resolving it by year end.  Do share with me what your resolutions are.



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