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New Year, New Resolution January 1, 2012

Posted by gurkhason in gym, life, read.

When you are no longer a teenager, time seems to whizz by.  2011 zoomed past like a meteor, barely a chance to accomplish anything and it’s gone.  Anyway it is new year and we should embrace it with all the hope and expectations, that everything gonna to turn out the way we wish it to be.  As the law of attraction suggests “think positive and attract the positive”.  I shall sing that tune along this 2012.

It’s not a new year without a resolution.  Some people think it is such a waste of time to come up with a resolution because chances are we will not be able to accomplish it.  On the other hand, some people believe that by verbalising what we want to do, we will set out heart to achieve it.

Here are my resolution for Year 2012:

  1. Lose weight: target to lose 12kg.  That’s an average of 1kg per month.  I try to make this manageable so that it is more realistic and easier to achieve.  Moreover, I’ve learnt that the faster you lose the weight, the faster you gain it back.  So losing weight linearly shall help to keep me motivated.   Exercising regularly to lose weight will help me to cultivate a good habit for fitness.  To achieve this, my plan is to run every alternate days, achieving a target of 50km per month.  Once a week, the run should be around the estate or a park.  (I always think there’s a difference pounding on the treadmill versus running on actual ground).  On days that there are no scheduled run, I shall swim, attend a group-X class or do weights. I hope by the next REAL Run, I will be able to complete the 10km run with a decent timing.
  2. Read more:  I set a target to read 18 books this year.  I have a few John Grisham and Nicholas Sparks novels that I have missed, as well as many other books I have bought and unread.  To find interesting reads, I will look at books which won some accolades or popular amongst book club.  I also aspire to read a book with more rigority – to do this, I shall write a review (here) on everybook I read.  This will help me to remember the book better and have some key takeways that I will be able to regurgitate if anyone asked about the book and serve as a memory 10 years later.
  3. Increase net wealth:  I actually keep a balance sheet of my personal financial wealth.  However, I have never set goals of increasing it so this year should be my first.  I plan to increase my net wealth by 20% (I didn’t have a large base anyways), and of which at least 10% of the increase should come from investment returns.  I also plan to have a more discipline approach to savings by embarking on a insurance savings endowment and a regular savings plan through unit trust.
  4. Achieve KPI by Jun: I want to achieve at least 75% of my KPI by June.  This goal is necesssary for two reasons.  One is to ensure that I am on a solid path to my next career aspiration and the other is as a alternate source of income.  To achieve this, I shall endeavour to plan my work, commit more productive hours, set quality appointments, and be more persuasive and asserting in trying to meet client’s dreams, goals and objectives.
  5. Start a blog, journal & diary:  My first post is precisely to meet this goal.  I have always aspire to start a niche blog to cater for a specific interest but found that I could not keep my passion much alive.  So that kind of procrasinate my wanting of starting a blog.  So I have decided to blog about things in general and find myself along the way.  No hard and fast rule.  Also I want to start a journal to keep track of some of my favourite topics which I very much like to explore more and study.  This can be through reading, or materials (newspaper, magazines) I come across in passing.  For diary, none to say the least is to have memories.

I plan to review this list of resolution I set for myself this 2012 in June.  May I wish myself success in resolving these goals.  Happy New Year!



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